Stock Market - Unlocking Success: Visualisation and Goal Setting with StratSense

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Stock Market Software
Stock Decision is your Digital Trading Journal.    

StockDecision allows you to manage the risk inherent in the trading transaction and it provides a visual bookmark facility to store screens relating to your trading decision.

Currently, you would be looking at your stock analysis software screens and making a Buy/Sell decision based on what you see.  Countless trading books will tell you that you need to keep a diary so that, in the future, when looking at the stock performance, you will be able to go back to your diary and see what led you to make that Trading decision.  Until now, the most thorough Trader, would be writing down on paper the information that led to the Buy/Sell decision - a very cumbersome process.  

What if you could keep a Digital Diary where you are able to save annotated screen copies the of your trading decision?  

StockDecision offers that capability...  Now you can see the the screens of the technical analysis decision as at the time the decision was made.  Furthermore, you can also save screens of websites that you used to make a decision in your trading process.
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