Insights on Motivation - Day 3

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Insights on Motivation - Day 3

StratSense - Goal Setting
Published by Jane Metelo-Liquito in Lifestyle · 9 July 2019
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  • A Vision represents your ability to imagine  a particular event sometime in your future; this event could be a goal, an achievement or an experience.   Did you know that top athletes quietly visualise their performance in a competition before the competition starts?  Just watch some of the High Jumpers at a athletics meeting role playing their performance before they run up and take the jump.
  • Think of your Vision as you would a friend. Bury it in your subconscious mind and allow it to wander to the forefront of your mind frequently.

  • Guard it with intensity and don't let anyone, including yourself, to get in the way.

  • Be flexible and allow your Vision to change as necessary, but never lose sight of it.    

  • Create a Vision Board - a place where you can place pictures that represent your goals. A board that is accessible and that you will refer to often in order to retain that vivid Vision

  • The following is a comprehensive planning board to define your Vision:

The above board is a Vision workshop framework that considers a set of criteria designed to fine tune your visualization.  Download the trial version of BrandYou software to access the above framework.

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