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Insights on Motivation - Day 1

StratSense - Goal Setting
Published by in Lifestyle · 7 July 2019
Tags: Fears
Day 1:

1. Recognize the Blessings
  • Create a list of the aspects of your life that are a blessing
    - What is it that makes your life easy?
    - What are the "hardships" that might be a "Blessing in Disguise"
    - Who are the people that you can rely on for support and advice?
    - What are the "things" that you have that can help faciliate the achievement of your goals

  • Be greatful for the blessing in your life
    - Recognise that you are not alone in your struggles
    - Acknowledge those who are there for you - tell them how much you value them and their support
    - Practice an attitude of Gratitude

2. Face your Fears
  • Complete the "Face your Fears Framework" in the "Brand You" software.

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